Advanced forms in JavaScript

The latest stable version is ; you will find it at github.

gocept.jsform is a MIT licensed library, written in JavaScript, to build forms and collections from JSON data directly in the browser.

For most developers, building forms is a bothersome, boring and mostly repeating task. gocept.jsform makes building forms flexible and almost fun. It renders forms in the browser based on a simple JSON datastructure, using advanced technology like HandlebarsJS and KnockoutJS. Field types may be inferred from the data you provide and form fields are saved automatically to the server.

As a developer, all you have to do is include the sources (see Installation) and write some JavaScript code:

var form = new gocept.jsform.Form('form', {save_url: 'save'});
    {'firstname': 'Robert', 'is_child': true},
    {'firstname': {'label': 'Name'}, 'is_child': {'label': 'Child?'}}